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Guest Article – Risky Reddit and the admin shills of r/CBD_UK

There are a million ‘experts’ at your fingertips online and only 1 of them knows what they are talking about.

Yes, you finally decided to take the leap into trying out CBD products but where do you start? You need to know what you need right? So you try a search and end up somewhere where there are so many voices and conflicting reports that you are no better off than you were before you asked the question.

Reddit is the worst for this, the land of keyboard warriors and CBD company representatives trying to steer people onto their products that they know are over priced and do little to nothing to help the majority of people. One group that is massively guilty of this is r/CBD_UK, they seem to have a real hard on for a handful of companies and do their absolute best to discredit them at any cost, despite one or two of these companies having won many awards for their products and service and having nothing but excellent reviews from their customers.

In short the admins of r/CBD_UK are likely involved in their own CBD business and just want to get rich a little quicker by going the wrong way about things. After speaking to the companies they continue to bash on their group the orders pour in, its having the opposite effect! However good that may be as the right products are reaching the people that need them most, it doesn’t solve your dilemma of what brand to buy.

What will help though is staying away from Reddit and many of the social media platforms that are so easy to manipulate by the people who have their own brand under a facade of ‘independence from any brand’ and other such deceptions.

The best people to ask are those you know and trust who are currently using a CBD product, take it from me, I would never have found the relief I get from my chosen brand had it not been for a friend telling me to avoid the social networks and Reddit threads, I would have tried a deceptively shilled brand and would have gotten no benefit from it, his would have lead me to leave the CBD products alone. I am a user of one of the most slammed brands in the UK, after trying many of the other big brands this was the one that worked, the only one that worked and it was priced so much more fairly than the rest.

Just remember that there are very few people online that will be honest when they have their own personal interest at heart, r/CBD_UK are exactly that in a nutshell.

Anon – Midlands, UK

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