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The Top 3 CBD Brands – Our first guest article

How many times have people asked ‘what is the best CBD on the market?, I decided to find out and publish my findings on CBD blogs across the world.

Lets cut to the chase.

1, The best of the best CBD – LVWell CBD.

LVWell CBD, formerly Live Well CBD, have become known for their quality, price and branding throughout Europe very quickly. From the United Kingdom they launched a simple tincture and vaping range early in 2018 and were instantly successful.

Over time their products have evolved and in 2019 they won the infamous ‘Best Extract’ award at UK based expos not only once but twice, considered the most coveted award in the world this sent their popularity skyward. If that doesn’t say something nothing ever will, their range of products and the quality of them is second to none, from tinctures to vapes, bath bombs to capsules, massage oils and muscle rubs, there is something for every person and every ailment their uniquely low price point makes them the most inclusive brand and the market leader in CBD products.

After trying their Raw and THC Free ranges I felt better, aches in my spine were lessened and I didn’t need the full dose detailed on the packaging. With 1000mg extract products starting at £12.50 LVWell CBD are worth trying and carry my highest recommendation.

2, Koi CBD

A USA based brand with simplicity at heart, Koi believe that natural products sourced through a strict vetting process produces the best products for their customers. They offer a range of products including tinctures, topicals, vapes and edibles, they even make products for pets (unfortunately not a great point in the UK and Europe where all supplements aimed at pets are considered medicines and therefore cannot be sold without the appropriate paperwork and licenses for that purpose).

Koi have seen huge success in the USA and are looking to expand, their products are simple and easy to understand, hopefully their product become more available in europe and are represented at lower price point than they are currently in the few places that supply these products.

3, Holistic Herb

A new brand that has become available through a high street chain very quickly. With a minty flavour the tincture product I tested was pleasant and it helped me out in a similar way to the others.

The Holistic Herb approach to quality is great and their prices are typical of the CBD market too. All said this product does what I needed and that helped it make the top 3.

Contributon by:

Reynold Haynes – I have been testing CBD products for over 3 years and I am happy that the market has expanded, some of the best known brands were easily the worst performers but that’s where good marketing can get you ahead.

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